Road Map

Mint your exclusive content and sell the NFTs on your prefered Marketplace

Allow creators to Mint NFTs for their exclusive tutorials, interviews or documentaries using Mint Condition on the Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance or Polygon networks. Sell the NFTs on their prefered Marketplace and let Mint Condition manage Collector access to NFT locked content.

Status: In Progress

Tools to help Creators to interact with their Collectors

Build tools to help Creators to interact with their NFT Collectors like offering more exclusive content, sneak peaks, whitelisting, air drops and updates etc. And allow Collectors to interact with the Creators they support.

Status: Coming Soon

Distributed Storage tools for limited and exclusive content

Create tools to help Creators upload and manage their limited access content securely. And better ensure that whenever a Collector buys an NFT the associated content will be available to them for all time in perpertuity.

Status: Coming Soon

Dedicated Marketplace for Mint Condition NFTs

Build out a markerplace where we can showcase and celebrate all the Creators, creating on Mint Condition. Expose Collectors to all of the amazing NFTs minted on Mint Condition.

Status: Coming Soon

Mint Tokens

We plan to Mint a token to be used on the platform and for Creator and Collector rewards programs.

Status: Coming Soon


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