Igazi: Heed the Call, Cleanse the Land
by Ulenni Okandlovu

Igazi: Heed the Call, Cleanse the Land for
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Apr 8, 2022 22:00:00 GMT

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Ulenni Okandlovu is a journalist, a multi disciplinary artist. Founder of Skeyi&Strobo & co-founder of Bantu Spaceships an experimental music duo. Skeyi&Strobo creates content & documentaries on the contemporary & Zimbabwe visual art scene, producing most of the rare content on Zimbabwe's leading & emerging visual artists. Ulenni has done exclusive interviews with artists like Moffat Takadiwa, Troy Makaza, Gina Maxim, Wycliffe Mundopa among other artists. Skeyi&Strobo also hosts & curate the Fabrik Party a social event that bridges Zimbabwe's visual art, fashion & alternative music.

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Art in Zimbabwe:
A series of studio visits, chats & exclusive video & audio interviews of Zimbabwean contemporary artists by a freelance journalist Ulenni Okandlovu.

Art in Zimbabwe
Episode One Is a 21 minute chat with Wycliffe Mundopa at his Dema studio in Harare, Zimbabwe. He takes us through his journey, starting art at age 15 getting the best painter National Merit Award at 19, exhibitions & winning the prestigious FNB Art Prize 2021.